Cow Urine Benefits For Weight Loss

Cow Urine Benefits for Weight loss

Benefits of Gomutra for Weight Loss

Cow urine benefits for weight loss Article gives full information how one can overcome excess weight, modern days work life along with money its contributing unhealthy situation in general mass of people, in turn, people are struggling to find better work life. our ancestors live longer than our current life because they used to work with nature which gives fresh air, water, food, and other ingredients, but now days work life creating horrible diseases by which men have to struggle to maintain normal health, one of the disease people are struggling with obesity.

Obesity is a body condition in which excess fat has accumulated in the whole body. Being overweight puts people at higher risk diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer etc.

Causes of Obesity (Obstacle in Weight Loss)

High degree of body fat comes from Excessive and unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise lack of physical activity etc.. when digestion or metabolism not functioning systematically digestion function get upset because of Kapha dosha ( composed of water and earth) constitutions. When this dosha gets imbalanced the heavy characteristics of these elements become exaggerated.

Cow Urine Benefits for weight loss

The innumerable health benefits of cow urine have described in the history of Vedic scripture, the cow urine glory has been spread wide and far in a different county. According to Ayurveda, cow urine contains uric acid, urea, and minerals etc. Scientists say cow urine contains vitamin A, B, C, D, E, vitamins, sodium, and other minerals.also we can find which are very important for digestion.

Benefits of Gomutra for Weight Loss

By drinking cow urine daily morning in the empty stomach one can lose weight up to 4 to 5 kg in a month

Health Benefits of Gomutra

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