Ragi for weight loss – Ragi Diet Plans for Weight loss

ragi for weight loss

Ragi for Wight Loss – Ragi diet for weight loss

Ragi for weight loss – Ragi is one of the most nutritious Indian diets especially south Indian people use more, the state of Karnataka is the highest producer of ragi, nothing wrong in calling ragi as a staple food of South India,

Compare to any other grain Ragi or finger millet is better for weight loss, along with this ragi has many health benefits like it keeps the body cool and stomach fuller, helps diabetes, a good source of minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Niacin, etc.

Ragi helps in weight loss 

Is ragi good for weight loss? There are many reasons to embrace ragi for weight loss, Ragi or ragi roti is one of the healthy cereals, compare to other cereals ragi contains less natural fat that in unsaturated form since it contains the higher rate of fiber it’s an excellent food option to manage your weight.

When we talk about diet for weight loss mainly you need to focus on burning more calories, both diet and exercise should include to burn calories and lose weight. Ragi diet plans are a good choice for people who are trying to lose weight.

We tell you why ragi recipes may be great diet plans for weight loss

  1. Prevents over-eating – As compare to other millets and rice, ragi contains more amounts of dietary fiber which avoid overeating.
  2. Ragi mudde good for weight loss – Prepare ragi ball and intake with sambar it cools the body and gives you strength.
  3. Ragi roti for weight loss – Ragi roti is the best food for weight control, Prepare ragi roti with Ragi (finger millet) flour + Cumin seeds + water + Little salt for taste.
  4. Ragi kanji (Ganji) or Ragi malt for weight loss – Ragi malt is a healthy Indian breakfast recipe and its rich in source of fiber. Add some ragi powder into boiled water + Salt, cook until glossy and let it cool, it reduces the cholesterol level if you drink with an empty stomach.
  5. Ragi recipe for weight loss – Prepare other delicious homemade recipes by ragi like Ragi Dosa, Idli, Kanji, Vermicili, ragi cherry, and its cost-effectiveness

Best Time to eat ragi for weight loss – Moring Ragi Malt or Ragi Toti- Ragi ball at Afternoon and Night